Octa - Tetra Truss

Two Octahedral Pyramids joined together create the Octa - Tetra Truss
This simple hub - strut dome structure could make a nice greenhouse, work shop, playroom or shelter.
The pyramid truss makes it a light weight yet strong and rigid structure.

Top view:

Pictorial view:

Front view, with subdividing struts and hubs in the octahedral pyramid faces:

Illustrated with 2 x 4 construction. with pyramid edges 10 ft, height is almost 90 inches. Floor area is 10 ft x 20 ft = 200 sq. ft.

Subdivision struts can be added to help support the covering materials.

As a modular unit, pyramids can be joined to increase floor space. A riser wall in the form of the Vertical Base Option can be used to increase height and walkable floor area.
Large areas of flat sheets can be used to cover the structure. Right triangles help when using standard size rectangle sheets of cover materials, for less waste.
The structure can be made with wood, using our Frame Kits or Connector Kit for standard lumber sizes. Only 16 Connector Hubs required for the subdivided type shown above.
Options are steel tube and aluminum tube construction. Also, Star Connectors can be used with pvc or other materials for struts.
The single octahedral or tetrahedral pyramid can be used alone, with more joined as needed. See Pyramids

Photos - Part 2

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