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Octa Dome Model

Print page 2 on a colored sheets, preferrably card stock or thick paper, 8-1/2 x 11, make 2 copies. For a dramatic effect make each a diferent color. Refer to page 3 for glueing the bands together.

To make model representing the Octa-Dome top half, 24 triangle bands are required. There is only one type but must be left and right opposites, so you have 12 of each. Cut out the bands and crease them along the bend lines, with a straight edge (I use a drafting scale, the triangular type). Repeat for all the bands and glue them together with white glue at the tabs. For best results, place the tab outside of the triangle. Glue the bands together following the diagram (page 3). For good results, start with the top eight triangle bands, glued at the longer edges which represent the C struts; opposites glued together. For a complete sphere you may repeat the procedure and glue the 2 hemispheres together. Triangle bands provided give a dome model of about 8 inch diameter. The dome is based on the geometry of the cube [hexahedron] and its dual polyhedra, the octahedron. It resembles 2 and 3 frequency octahedron conventional geodesic, but the geometric division is not the same. This one gives a more symmetrical appearance.

Accurate proportions of the Central Angles, Strut Chord Lengths, Axial and Dihedral angles are demonstrated by the model.