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Some additional information on building parameters for the Octa Dome and Octa Dome -X1

If using our Super Poly or other films for covering, any size dome can be covered inexpensively and efficiently. Films are typically available in 10, 12 or 14 ft widths, so a large section of the dome can be covered with a single piece of film.

  • Use standard 92-5/8″ boards for the longest struts. Diameter will be about 17 ft.
  • Use 8 ft boards for longest struts. Diameter will be 18 ft.
  • Use standard 104″ boards for longest struts. Diameter will be about 19 ft – 6″. Medium length struts is about 90 inches.
  • Use 10 ft boards for longest struts. Diameter will be about 22 ft. Medium length strut is about 95 inches.
  • Use 12 ft boards for longest struts. Diameter will be about 26 ft – 6″ ft. Medium length strut is about 119 inches.

The larger domes will need additional internal support struts; use the X1 subdivision and FI struts as needed. A favorable cutting pattern can be made for all domes using sheet material or films. For efficiency some sizes are better than others. If using expensive polycarbonate glazing, this is more critical.

  • Use standard 4 x 8 ft sheets for making cover triangles. Two triangles can be sawn from the sheet. Dome diameter is 13 ft – 4 inches. A rectangle 28″ x 48″ can be made from unused piece; this can be used on the VBO. 12 sheets needed. Use plywood, OSB, twin or triple wall polycarbonate, Celtec, Coroplast, etc.
  • Use 4 x 8 sheets and saw 1 large complete triangle and 2 (-X1) right triangles. Diameter is 16 ft. X1 struts not required but you will be splicing sheets together. Splice wood panels with strips of the sheet material or a 2 x 4. For best strength, use the X1 struts. For polycarbonate glazing, an aluminum stiffener bar or L angle can be used to make the splices. Top 8 and 4 lower triangles can have the full triangle panel, while 8 lower triangles will be spliced together. Total 12 sheets needed. An option is to have lower 16 triangles with X1 struts, and no X1 struts in the upper 8. However in snow zones X1 struts (or other reinforcement struts or stiffeners) should be used due to weight of snow accumulation. Also depends on strength of your cover materials. Note that hollow flutes in the polycarb. (arrows) are installed parallel to the long struts and should be at an adequate angle to allow any condensation droplets to flow out.
  • Use a 4 x 8 sheet to make one large and one small X1 triangle. Dome diameter is about 19 ft – 10 inches. 10 ft boards are used on the dome. 24 4 x 8 sheets are needed and some waste is made that can be used on the VBO – 24 triangles approx. 48″ x 36″ x 60″. These could also be used to make hinged window panels on the dome cover triangles.
  • Use 6 ft widths of polycarb. glazing. This is best for the 18 ft dome that uses 8 ft struts for the longest. Check local availability or delivery for the 6 ft width if you plan to saw your triangles. No splicing over X1 struts will be needed as the full Main Dome triangle can be made. Note extra material on the bottom used as an extension skirt to shed rain away from the Base Option.
  • Use maximum of the 6 ft width of polycarb. glazing. Dome diameter becomes 23 ft – 9 inches. 10 and 12 ft boards will be needed to make the dome.

Using 10 and 12 ft boards, maximum achievable size is 26′ – 6″ This example shows the 2 x 6 dome with a door frame incorporated, X1 struts and FI struts approximately 24 inch on centers.