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With Vertical Base Option – a rectangle riser made with our cylinder Connector Hubs and with intermediate vertical struts for nailing on siding or attaching greenhouse film or glazing panels. The siding on the Base Option will provide rigidity in place of the diagonal cross bracing struts. Off-the-shelf windows or exhaust fans can be fitted in the VBO.

The -X1 subdivision struts (green) divide the original triangles into two sizes of right triangles, allowing easier covering and for more sub-structure for nailing on the cover panels. In the case of the 18 ft dome, maximum usage of standard 8 ft lumber is obtained in the long [purple colored] struts. Qty. 24 -X1 struts are added, connected at the hubs and using Simpson Strong Tie 4-way metal connector plates at the strut-strut-strut 90 degree connections. By using the -X1 configuration, a 4 ft x 8 ft sheet can be cut to fit one large and one small triangle. 24 sheets would be needed to cover the dome area, and another 12 for the 4 ft high Base Option. A regular standard door can easily be retrofitted into a dome this size.

For a 16 ft diameter dome, 2 large and 2 small triangles can be cut from a 4 ft x 8 ft sheet; 12 such sheets will cover the triangles of this 16 ft. dome.We can ship Frame Kits by motor freight is about $175 to $475 to major city terminals in continental USA.

Connector Kit for the dome (2 x 4 with heavy duty hubs) is only $375 including UPS. More prices The dome will make an excellent backyard play house, work shop, gazebo, studio, greenhouse, etc.

18 ft 2 x 4 dome illustration with opening for a 30 x 80 inch door:

Without the Base Option, dome has height of 9 ft (radius).

Photo of the 18 ft 2 x 4 dome: