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A unique, new and exclusive dome based on octahedron geometry.

The octahedron is divided and projected to the surface of a surrounding sphere, making chords or edges of the geodesic dome.

Below is a photo of the 16 ft diameter dome with a 3 ft Vertical Base Option (VBO). The Base Option vertical intermediate boards give rigidity and structure for attaching rigid siding – board panels or greenhouse glazing. The Base is a good location for adding standard size windows. A rectangle door is retrofitted to the dome by removing parts and customizing for a standard door. Efficient use of 8 ft. lumber aan 4 ft. x 8 ft. cover material is acheived with this size.

Notice the 10 ft. ladder next to the dome with toal height of 11 feet.

Sizing up the dome: the 16 ft diameter dome is ideal for using cover panels made from 4 x 8 ft sheets efficiently with minimal waste. Plenty of room to walk around. Easy to build and easy to cover. One of our most popular domes. Make the VBO any convenient height.

This next photo shows the door retrofit area partially assembled on an 18 ft Octa Dome with a 4 ft. VBO. The door rough-in frame is 2 x 6. The rectangle door intersects with the dome triangles, faces remain intact (with a cutout for the door) for covering purposes, and a door entrance awning (not shown) is made to complete the entrance. The 18 ft size is ideal for maximum use of 8 ft lumber (longest strut is nearly 8 ft.). For covering with polycarbonate glazing, use the -X1 subdivision for attaching triangles made from the 6 ft wide polycarb. See building parameters

The Octa-Dome was developed for its simplicity, low cost and ease of assembly. Sizes from about 8 to 26 ft. diameter can be made. Connector Kits can be purchased for use with 2 x 4to 2 x 6/8 wood struts that a do-it-yourself dome builder can make and choose any size for his/her requirements. The Vertical Base Option has proved to be good especially for adding floor area (walk right up to the edge, plenty of head room) and a more practical door. All plastic and metal Connector Kits can be shipped by UPS.

This dome is available with steel or aluminum struts as an alternative to wood. Please email or phone us for help with these or other special applications. These photos are of an 18 ft steel tube Octa-Dome + VBO with diagonals that make triangular rigidity

A complete package for the new Octa-Dome Frame Kit for a wood dome includes the following:

  • Connector Hubs based on our patented system
  • Wood struts, pre cut and ready for assembly (white/yellow pine, fir, cedar, redwood)
  • All necessary hardware; screws, bolts, washers, etc.
  • Step-by-step illustrated instruction booklet
  • Instructions on applying greenhouse plastic film or glazing, dome care, foundation methods
  • Free technical support

To save on manufacturing labor and shipping expense, use the Connector Kits to build your dome with locally purchased 2 x 4 or 2 x 6/8 lumber. All parts, hardware, measurements and assembly instructions needed to make the dome (a specific size) are included.

For alternative Octa-Dome designs check out the Octa-Gazebo-Dome and Octa-Dome -X1

You can make a PAPER MODEL of the Octa-Dome.Click here