Octa Dome 5  XT

Extended version of the 5 frequency Octa Dome has a VBO (vertical base option), windows in the VBO, a standard door, large rear vent flap, a smaal and large 2' x 4' upper vent,

and "pointy top" modification that is designed to help the dome shed rain and snow.

Size is 20ft diameter with 4 extensions making it 36ft long all 2"x4" construction and covered with our 11mil Super Poly

Example below is a 4 frequency Octa dome with extensions and VBO

Octa Dome 4 XT info page
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2
Renderings show a Octa Dome 4, shorter extension with a convenent and easy way to add a door frame .It makes a great low cost DIY strong and sturdy shelter dome you can use for many purposes.