XT = Extensions added

The 20 ft Octa Dome 4 divided in half, with two 8 foot extensions and center row of hubs and struts.
This is like a round house with Octa-Dome sections on the ends. The Octa-Domes will add stability to the round house, and increase floor area. Dimensions on this example are: 36' Length x 20' Width x 10' Height.

Perspective view shows extensions now 4 ft long, for easier covering and support for cover materials.
A door retrofit can be placed in one of these rectangle areas. Octahedral Dome ends can be made to fit on an existing round house, or installed on a vertical wall.  Also applies to Octa - Ellipse Domes

This drawing shows 2 eight foot extensions along the length and width. Floor dimensions become 36 ft x 36 ft.
Pyramids on top are a design enhancement that can add function also - will help shed rain and aid in air circulation if vents are added. This type of structure will need interior support columns - it's no longer a self supporting dome.

An aerial view of the design with 2 extensions along the length and 1 along the width; and 2 pyramids in the top 2 squares.

Pictorial view of the structure with 8 ft extensions along both length and width. Floor  dimensions become 28 ft x 28 ft.
Octahedral pyramid on top is the Cupola extension design, for adding height and windows.


Wood Domes - 1 x 2 to 2 x 6 made with our cylinder Connector Hubs (pvc or other plastic, metal - aluminum or steel); 3,4,5,6,7 + frequency.
Steel Tube construction
Aluminum construction
Basic design applies to all Octahedral domes with four-way symmetry.
Extension lengths are variable to accomodate dome type/size and functional requirements.
Cupola height and angle of pyramid.
Coverings: Super Poly, OSB, plywood, Coroplast, Polycarbonate greenhouse glazing, roof finishing materials.
Adaptations for standard doors and windows.
Architecural and engineering certifications.
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