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Octa Gazebo Dome

Gazebo: a freestanding roofed structure usually open on the sides.

The Octa-Dome has been stretched vertically to produce more height. This new design can be a roofed dome “gazebo”, greenhouse, etc., etc. A section of 8 struts and 2 hubs can be removed for a large natural opening. Or retrofit a single or double door in the rectangle Base Option area. Cover with greenhouse film or glazing, or board panels and roofing materials. Add off-the-shelf windows in the Base Option for extra ventilation.

First image is the 1 x 2 Octa-Dome with vertical Base Option: 8 connector hubs and 24 struts are added to add height for increased interior space and floor area. Optional diagonal cross bracing in the Base Option provides rigidity.

The 10 ft diameter dome is now nearly 9 ft tall.

An 8 foot diameter 2 x 4 model is shown next. Apex height is 10 feet from ground. Sizes 8 to 20 ft diameter in 1 foot increments will be offered, with 1 x 2 or 2 x ?, wood. Steel, aluminum and pvc domes can also be made..

The 8 ft diameter 2 x 4 Octa-Gazebo-Dome with a light gray stain. For a large opening 8 struts and 2 Connector Hubs are removed.

Please contact us for more information, prices, shipping, delivery time etc. Connector Kit prices are same as those for the Octa-Dome + Base Option/Vertical Base Option.(Only the lumber quantity changes.)

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