The basic Octahedral Zonohedron has a square footprint, is the spherical cube made geodesic, or "Triakis Octahedron", with in-center points of the cube faces pushed out, making large flat parallelogram faces. It is same as the "Tetra-Dome" but with square pyramid faces extended out more.
Shown as a tube structure, bottom sides 8 ft, total height 8'-9". A lower triangle height is nearly 6' and makes an entrance possible. Add a subdivision for right triangles, or a Base Option / riser wall for more height. Use 10 or 12 ft lumber for a larger OCTA - ZOME.
Octahedral Zome

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The Octahedral spherical triangles can be seen as reflections in the gazing ball, which pattern is mirrored in the table top. Table is the Tetra Dual structure - 2 Tetrahedron pyramids inter-connected make a strong support structure. More on the Tetra Duals is in the Octa-Tetra-Cube page.

The Connector Kit for the Tetra-Dome can be used to make the Octa Zome.
The footprint is square. Here is is shown as a 2 x 4 structure with cube edges 8 ft.
Ground Perimeter is almost 12 x 12 ft. An extension can come out of the lower triangle as shown, or make at a square area as shown on the Tetra Dome Matrix.
15 sheets of 4 x 8 ft material will cover this size Octa Zome.
Only 16 Connector Hubs are used to make the Zome as shown. X1 Subdivision struts are added for more structure and strength; FI (Face Intermediate) struts may be added for additional roof cover support. All FI struts have the same bevel/miter and all cover panel triangles are identical right triangles.

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