Dome construction with triangle panels
Individual panels are premade in the shop and assembled on site. Roof deck (panel cover) is already attached, saving time and labor in the field. Inner panels and insulation may also be pre-installed.
2 x 4 or 2 x 6 struts are doubled up and attached with a bolt/washer/lockwasher/nut at predrilled hole locations. This provides a strong panelized dome shell. Strut boards on edges of panels are bevelled at the required angle to produce the geodesic roundness. Example illustration shows 3/4" sheathing on 2 x 4 stuts for a 20 ft 2 frequency icosa dome. Perpendicular Bisector struts provide rigidity to the Panel Unit. More boards may be added (see: "Face Intermediate") for larger/stronger Panel Units.

Other panel construction can be done with aluminum extrusions and clear/translucent glazing for a sunroom or greenhouse.