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Super Poly TM

The Industry Standard for High Quality, Durable,
super strong triple woven poly tarps used for Greenhouses, Horticulture, Shelters and whenever you need a covering.

  • Cover your house windows
  • Cover your hay/grain
  • Cover your tools/machinery
  • Cover your concrete
  • Cover your roofing

Our UV protected 3 layer triple woven translucent poly tarps are the highest quality available: best strength, best light transmittance and best durability. There are many advantages of woven poly over regular non-woven films.

  • Bright light is diffused for a glowing effect, even lighting, no hot spots and softening of shadows. The weave actually adds light by reflecting it back into the greenhouse.
  • It is UV protected on both sides.
  • Superior resistance to tears. Important if you are in an area susceptible to hailstorms. It is tear proof but can be cut with a knife and applied with staples and/or hot melt glue.
  • Will last several years, 6 to 8 in most cases, depending on amount of direct sun, wind, and harshness of environment. But sub-freezing temperatures are no problem. Our woven polys remain flexible and strong well below freezing.

Background on this page is a scanned piece of 1-1/2″ x 3″ Super Poly over a dark background. It appears enlarged about twice actual size

Please email for a quote and any help for your size neeeded to fit your greenhouse of any shape or size.

Poly Fastener channel lock white flexible pvc strip used for seasonal/periodical removable areas of poly tarps. Ideal for doors and windows. $15.00 per 100 ft roll or $2.00 per ft. Removal and Installation tools (heavy-duty hook and roller) sold separately are $38.00 for both

  • Using Poly Fastener to secure the poly tarp:
  1. Insert strip
  2. Locking channel
  3. Super Poly
  4. Roller installation tool

11 mil Super - Poly

Price charts for calculating 11 mil thickness cost based on square foot.-MEASURE WIDTH X LENGTH DESIRED
Multiply width x length and add 15% for UPS ground shipping.

We recommend the 11 mil for most applications where maximum light is required for optimal growing condition for light loving plants.

11 mil: Available in 10 or12 ft width times any length

11 mil, 10 or 12ft  wide x length
Area- sq. ft.
Price per sq. ft.
10 – 199
200 – 299
300 – 499
500 – 1,999
2,000 – 4,999
5,000 +
 please phone

Special custom sizes are also available, made by welding 10 and/or 12 ft sections together.The weld seam along the width [up and over the top is best] or lengths of two or more pieces, is a strong, durable, watertight heat melted connection.

11 mil Custom Width 
Area- sq. ft.
Price per sq. ft.
10 – 199
200 – 299
300 – 499
500 – 1,999
2,000 – 4,999
5,000 +
 please phone

Calculate your square feet based on full sized pieces. For example if you need a  17ft, 6 in  x 10  piece,  you must purchase the 18′ x 10′  size and trim as needed.
For round houses, the seams should go up and over for best life span.

24 mil, 12 ft wide Super Poly is reserved for heavy duty applications for tarps with grommets at the edges, with a synthetic rope reinforced hem. Also available in various colors. Please email for prices on your required size.

Custom Widths

The 10 or 12 ft wide sheets are heat seamed together for any size. The seam takes about 2″ off the total width. So for 12 ft wide, with 4 pieces (3 seams) for example, will be 47-1/2 ft. The heat seam is a melt/weld that is very tough and waterproof. Usually seams will go “up and over” a structure such as a greenhouse with a conventional roof or round house type.The seams will last longer in this orientation. Example: 30 ft wide X 40 ft length will use 4 pieces welded together, each 10 x 30. For 3 seams, about 6″ is taken off the total length.

UPS shipping charge is 15%. More details on Super Poly – Click Here

Please for ordering information or further assistance, send us an EMAIL

We accept Master Card and VISA for your convenience, THROUGH PAYPAL. We also do C.O.D. orders. (you may write a check to UPS or pay via credit card at the UPS Store) .
Please phone for placing your order (281) 685-6727

For credit card orders we will use Paypal. We need your email adress to send you a Paypal funds transfer request. Use a creditdebit card or echeck. If you have a Paypal account, send funds to

Orders may take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks for delivery (Spring and Fall are our busiest seasons).

The Octa Dome 5 XT 20 x 36 ft is located west of San Antonio and is a greenhouse dome covered with our 11 MIL Super Poly poly. It has a Vertical Base Option, Pointy top modification, standard door, std. windows and large upper vent, and will have raised beds for growing various trees, flowers, vegetables.

A customer used the Super Poly to cover a non-dome green house Good information on climate control and hydroponics.

Photo Gallery: Building an 18 ft dome greenhouse covered with Super Poly

Check out the Überorgan made using our Super Poly. CLICK