Preparedness and Domes

  We believe that the United States is approaching a major national crises.
Take a look at Haiti's and Chili's recent earthquake, the devastating hurricane in Belize, and the Japan and Inodonesia tsunamis. Then consider enrgy shortages, militant terrorists, unstable nuclear powers, religious and racial wars and how any of these might greatly effect life as we know it in the U.S.
  For instance if diesel fuel became unavailable our nation would come to a standstill, food shelves would be empty and motor fuel supply would quickly diminish.
  The electromagnetic impulse from one nuclear blast strategically located over central U.S. could wipe out a large portion of electronic transmissions- no phone, lights, motors, cars, computers.
  Biological (germ) warfare is a real threat. It is a weapon of mass destruction that we are not prepared for. 

Preparing for survival
  Keep spare batteries, water, fuel oil, kerosene, canned food, dehydrated food, matches, etc. Consider solar panels and a backup generator. Try living without electricity for a day.
Grow your own healthy organic food.
Start a garden. This is where the domes come in useful. Especially in areas where cold prohibits outdoor growing of many plants, but these can be grown inside your garden dome. You can save money and ensure a fresh healthy supply of produce, for your family and friends. Even use for extra income.

Raw living food

The Life Energy your body needs for health can only be obtained from RAW LIVING FOOD. This is because raw food found in the natural God given state is the only food with living ENZYMES. Enzymes are chemical protein compounds that are energizers of all body metabolism. The heat of cooking over 120 degrees F kills enzymes. Pasteurized and canned food has no enzymes.

 All physical life energy begins with the sun. Solar energy is what plants use for photosynthesis. This light/chemical process is what creates the life power of enzymes that all animal life on earth depends on. This is why seed sprouts, raw salads, and raw fruit and vegetable juices are an essential element for health.
 This subject is discussed thoroughly in Edward Howell's book Enzyme Nutrition. For more important health related information check out our Food Combining Chart and Health Links - Alternative Medicine


FOOD COMBINING - Natural Health

For obtaining better digestion and a higher level of health
"You are what you eat - and assimilate."
breads, grains

Poor  mixture
Avoid at same meal: Proteins and Starches
Proteins - nuts, seeds, dried beans, dried peas, peanuts, lentils, milk, eggs, cheese, flesh foods

Starches - potatoes, lima beans, mature corn, winter squash, artichokes, chestnuts, yams, pumpkins, grains, carrots, beets, coconuts

Good combinations:
1. Proteins with green and/or low starch vegetables
2. Starches with green and/or low starch vegetables

sweet, acid, sub-acidic fruits
There are three fruit classifications:

Acid fruits -
orange, grapefruit, pomegranate, strawberry, pineapple, tangerine, lemon, lime, kumquat, kiwi

Sub-Acid fruits -
mango, apricot, peach, nectarine, most grapes, apple, pear, cherry, berries, plum

Sweet fruits -
banana, dates, raisins, sapote, papaya, fresh fig, Thompson grapes, Muscat grapes, persimmon, dried fruits

Poor food mixture avoid at same meal: Acid fruits and Sweet fruits

Fair food mixture at same meal: Acid fruits with Sub-acid fruits, or Sub-acid fruits with Sweet fruits


Why practice food combining?
  1. Better digestion = better health. Clear thinking, brighter eyes, clearer skin, less bad breath and body odor.
  2. Lose weight
  3. Practice self control
  4. Get real RELIEF- you will not need any of the popular over the counter and prescription drugs like Propulsid.
  5. Save your enzyme pool (see Article from Howell below)
  6. Live longer
  7. Recover from sickness, disease, incorrect eating etc.
Refer to these books:
Food Combining Simplified by Dennis Nelson
Proper Food Combining by Dr. Herbert Shelton
Enzyme Nutrition by Edward Howell
Food Combining Handbook by Gary Null
Fit for Life - Harvey and Marilyn Diamond - Read excerpt

Medical Profession Spreads Lies About Physiology of  Digestion
The other (blind) side of the story:
My answer is that if you are apparently healthy, by practicing scientific food combining, you will be happier and healthier. If you are not healthy as you would like to be, food combining may be the first thing to consider in your change to a healthier life style. If you are sick or diseased, proper food combining is essential in a quicker recovery. It may save your life - "death begins in hte colon"

Is you body demanding food enzymes?
By Dr. Edward Howell

Getting Well
By Herbert M. Shelton

 Health links: articles

DMSO, MSM, Dr Jacobs

Caffeine - health hazards - read the book Caffeine Blues
"This is one of the best health books I have ever read." --
450 pages; lots of research went into this book. Has good information on herbal teas and coffee alternatives.

Why not to eat SOY!
"Soy foods contain trypsin inhibitors that inhibit protein digestion and affect pancreatic function. In test animals, diets high in trypsin inhibitors led to stunted growth and pancreatic disorders. Soy foods increase the body’s requirement for vitamin D, needed for strong bones and normal growth. Phytic acid in soy foods results in reduced bioavailabilty of iron and zinc which are required for the health and development of the brain and nervous system. Soy also lacks cholesterol, likewise essential for the development of the brain and nervous system. Megadoses of phytoestrogens in soy formula have been implicated in the current trend toward increasingly premature sexual development in girls and delayed or retarded sexual development in boys. "

Kal Loren - Need Germanium?


Alternative medicine

Fasting - colon cleansing

Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat

Soil and Health - online books by Tilden, Shelton, etc.

On Fasting, by Tertullian

Fluoride Links to Learning Disabilities Attention Deficit and Behavior Disorder

Paul/Patricia Bragg Health & Fitness Information

Chlorine in your water

Chlorine - A Special Problem for Drinking Water

Toxic Teeth - Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity

Mercury Free and Healthy

VACCINATION- Information



A little story on Safe Sex (???)

Organic Trade Association

Therapeutic FASTING Worldwide Links

About margarine

CANOLA OIL - Deadly for the Human Body!

Excerpt: There is a great biological difference caused by the very small structural
difference between the two forms called "cis-" and "trans-." Trans-fatty
acids differ from the naturally occurring cis-fatty acids in the manner in
which they become incorporated into membranes of cells, thus affecting their
function. Also trans-fatty acids are incorporated differently into
triglycerides and phospholipids. More importantly, trans-fatty acids greatly
affect the utilization of EFA. Thus, trans-Iinoleic acid (tLA) blocks the
utilization of cis-Iinoleic acid (cLA). The presence of trans-fatty acids in
the diet increases the EFA requirement and aggravates the symptoms of EFA
The "cis-" form occurs in nature, while with few exceptions the "trans-"
form is only made by man. Trans-fatty acids are widely distributed in the
diet because processed vegetable oils are used in a vast variety of foods.
Vegetable oils contain generous amounts of cis-polyunsaturated fatty acids.
However, commercial processing to improve stability and odor converts a
substantial amount of the cis-polyunsaturated fatty acids to
trans-polyunsaturated fatty acid. When vegetable or seed oils are
hydrogenated to improve consistency and stability in producing margarine,
not only are saturated fatty acids formed, but trans-polyunsaturated fatty
acids are produced in great quantity. As an example, stick margarine
contains from 25 to 35 percent trans-fatty acids, tub margarine 15 to 25
percent, shortening 20 to 30 percent, and salad oils 0 to 15 percent.
To make a long story short, the typical American diet blocks the utilization
of cLA. Estimates of cLA intake are too high because both cLA and tLA are
lumped together. A large percentage of the cLA that is in the diet is
useless because of the blocking fats or deficiencies in vitamin B6, zinc and
magnesium. GLA bypasses these problems. Adding Evening Primrose Oil to the
diet is a prudent step.

Blocking factors which interfere with GLA production
saturated fats
X-rays (radiation)
old age
chemical carcenogens

Evening Primrose Oil by Richard Passwater Ph.D. pages 5-7

Alternative Medicine

Ever wonder why so many people are interested in alternative medicine?
Consider these quotes:
"150,000 to 300,000 Americans are injured or killed each year because
of medical negligence (i.e., mistreated diseases, surgeries, drug
reactions, misprescribed drugs)."  -- Wall Street Journal, Jan.  13,

"Iatrogenic diseases, generally defined as diseases that result from a
physician's action or in response to a drug, are believed to be a
major problem in terms of morbidity and hospital expense."  -- Journal
of the American Medical Association, Dec.12, 1980

"Over a million patients are injured in hospitals each year, and
approximately 180,000 die annually as a result of these injuries.
Therefore, the iatrogenic injury rate dwarfs the annual automobile
accident mortality of 45,000 and accounts for more deaths than all
other accidents combined."  -- Journal of the American Medical
Association, July 5, 1995

"Current research suggests that 36% of physician visits are 
unnecessary; 36% of hospital admissions are caused by side effects 
from other medical treatments; 53% of surgeries are unnecessary; and 
half of all time spent in hospitals isn't medically indicated."  -- 
Let's Live, February, 1995

"Each year, nearly 2 million people in the United States come down
with an infection in the hospital they didn't have when they entered;
more than 80,000 of these die."  -- Let's Live, June, 1995

"Errors in judgment or technique concerning either the anesthesia or 
the surgery, or a combination of the two, contribute to close to 50% 
of the mortality in the operating room."  -- Dr.  James Mannis, 
"Cheating Fate," Health, April 6, 1992

"Stanford University doctors compared the effects of chemotherapy to
doing nothing in patients with slow growing tumors of the lymph nodes.
The patients whose treatment was deferred for years did just as well
as patients who immediately received expensive and unpleasant
chemotherapy.  Nineteen of the 83 (or 23%) experienced spontaneous
remission lasting four months to six years.  A review of the study in
the New England Journal of Medicine concluded, "...  deferring
treatment ...  may allow for spontaneous regression of the disease."
-- "Cheating Fate," Health, April 6, 1992

"Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a 
second cancer by up to 100 times, according to Dr.  Samuel S. 
Epstein.  -- Congressional Record, Sept.  9, 1987

"Of every 1000 American women getting mammograms each year between the
ages of 40 and 50, 345 will receive false positive results, often with
unnecessary intervention as the result."  -- New England Journal of
Medicine, Feb.  11, 1993

"Harvard researchers studied hospital records from the state of New 
York over a one year period.  They estimated that more than 13,000 New 
Yorkers were killed and 2500 were permanently disabled due to medical 
care.  More than 51% were blamed on medical negligence."  -- New 
England Journal of Medicine, Feb.  7, 1991

"During 1983-1992, between 90,000 and 110,000 Americans died from
reactions to prescription drugs, 320 from over the counter drugs, and
three from all dietary supplements combined, including contaminated
L-tryptophan, and zero from herbs.  -- Sources: American Association
of Poison Control Centers, FDA, AAPCC, USDA, JAMA, New England Journal
of Medicine.

QUOTE: 44,000 to 98,000 Americans die each year not from the medical conditions they checked in with, but from preventable medical errors.
Two months after a double bypass heart operation that was supposed to save his life, comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Dana Carvey got some disheartening news: the cardiac surgeon had bypassed the wrong artery.
The American Hospital Association lists these as some common types of medication errors:

I have a lot to write about drugs but this article pretty much explains it all.
"Deadly Mix at the FDA" by David William Los Anegeles Times  - may no longer bein the LA Times web site archives.
David Willman's special report that today won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. The collection of stories is available at
**Thank you David Willman**
"Seven drugs approved since 1993 have been withdrawn after reports of death and severe side effects."
  2. REDUX
  3. RAXAR

More at :
Despite the jokes about unaccustomed physical activity, little is known about the role Viagra may have played in these deaths, though drug interactions are suspected in some cases. During clinical testing before FDA approval, eight men taking Viagra also died.

The FDA is looking into the circumstances surrounding these reports, but for now it believes "the drug is safe and effective.'' Such reassurance would be more comforting if the agency had a better track record.

The diet drug fenfluramine (the "fen'' in the now infamous fen-phen) was pulled off the market last year, 24 years after its approval. Millions of people took this combination before it was linked to heart valve abnormalities.

Seldane (terfenadine) was also removed last year. It took five years before anyone discovered the lethal interactions associated with this nonsedating antihistamine and seven more years before it was pulled off shelves.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but adverse reactions to prescription drugs are the fourth-largest cause of death nationally after heart disease, cancer and stroke. Why are medicines killing so many patients?

A tribute to a health teacher, (late) Brother and Pastor Charles Bernardi of Highland Park, Illinois. He was a chemist and health researcher, who sold natural food derivative vitamins and food supplements. He sold and promulgated food enzyme supplements long before they were a common commodity.
Bro. Bernardi was not always healthy and had a great story of regaining health after nearly dying from chronic degenerative diseases. Arthritis, flues, colds, allergies, overweight, always tired; developed into a terminal paralysis and after seeing some of the top medical specialists, who pronounced him incurable, gave up, and went home to die. The miracle (or, out of the ordinary if you please) was that by prayer and beseeching God for mercy, he was enlightened to the Natural and Spiritual Gift of Fasting. Bro. Bernardi fasted 40 days and nights "water only" [ a true fast ] on two occasions and to make a long story short, became completely restored to maximum health. When I met him he was 79 years old and in obvious robust health for a man of that age. Bro. Bernardi always emphasized the cost and price to pay for the reward of health. Health is something to work for. It is a gift and treasure to have good health, live life pain free with a happy mental outlook in old age.
Information from Bro. Bernardi:
Too much food - does not digests and taxes the system. Thin people live longer than big fluffy people. Incompletely digested food rots and putrefies in the colon and gives off toxic poisons.
Cooked food - enzymes are destroyed in anything over 120 degrees F. Many fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains can be eaten raw.
Canned food - is dead food. Use only in emergencies or not at all.
Wrong mixtures of food at a meal Best to keep it simple and follow the food combining rules.

"The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead", Bro. Bernardi used to say.
To stay healthy-
raw carrots - lots of  green leafy salads - chlorophyl = sunlight energy.
wheat germ and bran - not found in white bread.
nuts, seeds, - raw protein = amino acids
grains, fruits, vegetables, 70% (at least) of food intake should be raw food.
High quality vitamins, minerals, supplements (such as alfalfa, lecithin,  kelp, fish oil), and digestive enzymes. Food these days is vitamin depleted because the farming soil is depleted.  Not to mention GMO food.  It is not allowed to put "non-GMO" on food labels.
Raw vegetable juices - carrot, celery, parsley, cabbage, beet, juices etc. There's a lot of chemical herbicides and pesticides in use so use organically grown if possible. Better yet grow your own in a Garden Dome.
Water - purified or distilled water. You do not need the inorganic minerals in water (or from any other source). Minerals should be in the food you eat, or in supplements.
Don't drink with your meals, or drink just a little. Water dilutes the digestive juices. Drink 15 minutes before you eat, or 1 hour or more after a full meal.
Meat - It's a good idea to avoid meat, unless organic or in other words, not commercially grown with vaccinations, growth hormones, antibiotics, etc. Same for milk. Milk cows get a lot of growth hormones these days. Milk is the reason that one out of six American women will develop cancer of the breast. We get enough toxic substances without putting it into our mouths ourselves. There is a lot of pollution in the air. Vitamin C goes a long way to help detoxify our bodies.

Thanks for visitting  my food combining / health links site.

Welcome to the world of Geodesic Domes
In Memory of John Edward Aiken. My older brother who suffered many years from chronic colitis and died at the young age of 38 of complications from colon cancer.
When you are in pain or diseased, the true value of good health is realized. Takes steps now to preserve health and prevent disease. This is Stewardship of the Temple God has given us.

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