Tetrahedron and Octahedron as pyramids

Pyramids are the simplest geodesic structures (1 frequency) that can be useful as geometry models, classroom sudy, a woodwork and construction project (do you need a reason to add to your tool collection?), or make a tent, shelter, greenhouse.

This pyramid has a vertical base tall enough to fit a standard door.

Shows proportions for a 2 x 4 structure. Pyramid struts and vertical base boards are 87 inches long. The bottom floor is 7'-3" x 7'-3" square = 52.5 sq. ft. of area. So you have a very square looking structure. Made possible by our Patented construction connector system.
"X" type subdivisions can be added to give more structure and increased strength; see TETRA - HUT

OCTA PYRAMID - With -X3 Subdivision and FI struts. Only 9 Connector Hubs required. A 2 x 4 Pyramid is illustrated, with a 16 x 16 ft base. Height is 11 ft- 6 in. Use FI struts to support plywood cover panels or greenhouse film or glazing. These can also be used to frame a standard size rectangle window. See Tetra Dome 3HZ-X1. A Base Perimeter can be made from RR ties, concrete blocks, 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 posts, or make wall forms for pouring concrete.
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A new design divides the faces into four equal triangles, making larger pyramids possible. More >>

This basic pyramid was made with 21 ft square aluminum tubes with a top Star Connector.
Two Octa Pyramids can be joined to make the Octa - Tetra Truss