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For prices not already listed on our web pages please give a specific type and size of dome, wood or metal size, hub type, options, cover etc.
Choose from any of our many basic dome types: Icosa-Dome, Tetra-Dome, Octa-Dome, Octa-Gazebo-Dome, GD1, GD2, GD3, GD4, GD6, Star Dome 1, Star Dome 2 etc.
If you need help for the best type dome for your needs and budget, please mention the size and purposes for your dome plans.

DOME TYPE___________________________________________

DOME SIZE (diameter) __________________________________

HUB TYPE (sch. 40 pvc, sch. 80 pvc, aluminum, steel)_________Other special _________________

STRUT SIZE (wood: 2 x 2, 2 x 4, alum. or steel tube, etc.)______________________________

HDW. TYPE zinc plated or galvanized steel______________________________

CONNECTOR  KIT__________OR COMPLETE FRAME KIT____________________

BASE OPTION (Octa-Dome, Tetra-Dome, GD2, GD3) geodesic triangles or Vertical Base Option _____________________________

Cupola______Type 1 or 2___________________

X1, X2, or X3 type______________________________

QUICK CONNECTING FEATURE for portability___________________

11 Mil WOVEN POLY for covering _________________

Other covering ________________________

SPECIAL CUSTOM SIZE/OPTIONS______________________________

Door_____Door size_______

PRECUT ROOF DECK PLYWOOD_____OSB_____OTHER ___________________________

How will you be using your dome?_________________________________________________




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