RCO-S-X1 Greenhouse

20 ft RCO-S-X1 greenhouse project in Colorado begins with building an insulating perimeter wall. 4x4 posts are buried and fixed with concrete as footings. Cedar siding and insulation boards are an insulating retainer wall for garden beds. The gap between the riser wall and dome bottom is for ventilation openings.

"The windows all the way up top with the automatic openers and the windows all the way on the bottom generate a wonderful chimney action and there is always airflow going inside, just as planned. I did not believe it would work so nicely because the bottom windows appear awfully small compared to the whole structure, but it does work!" - from the dome builders.
Dome foundation preparations
Front area where shows door opening where the dome strut here will be replaced.
Building from ground up


Onward towards completion, polycarbonate panels being installed. Some of the protective paper covering has not yet been removed. A plastic channel is used as a seam cover betweel panels.  Only the up/down X1 struts are shown, adding to a sense of height to an already tall dome. A tall dome such as this needs to be anchored well and located near windbreaks if possible. Here it is in a sunny clearing in the forest.


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