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Screensavers are digital slide show images for your computer. Made for Windows systems, options such as time an image remains before changing is set in the “properties dialog box” on the “desktop”.
Here are some sample images, cropped and scaled down from the full size images in the screensaver,and converted to .gif from .jpg format for faster downloading.
Images are made from cad drawings, showing domes in profile, pictorial and perspective illustrations.

There are now over 25 Screensavers, available on a CD, each with approximately 50 illustrations, each a separate program. It is excellent for general dome study, helping to decide which type of dome to build, and of course if you like our one-of-a-kind original digital dome art. Price is $0 in USA, postpaid. (Texas- Paypal adds sales tax). Includes illustrations of the latest dome designs, and photographs of some of the work we have done over the last 10 years.