Star Dome 1- MMX

"Multi MaX" - up to 12 struts are joined at a single hub connector.

The final and complete version of Star Dome 1. It is the Icosahedron with its dual polyhedra the Dodecahedron, merged and divided geodesically. Resulting pentagons are divided with pentagrams, and reslting equilateral triangles are divided into 6 equal [spherical] right triangles. Star Domes are Patented for a new type of aesthetic and functional dome design.
Top View:

Front View:

    The Star Dome 1 MMX is ideal for larger dome sizes. Several design variations are possible (see Star Dome 1A, 1B, 1C etc.). For reference the longest struts are the star arms, and on a 50 ft dome would be approx. 11 feet long. Adaptable to architectural applications and materials. Larger lumber (2" x 6"), aluminum and steel domes as well as Double Dome and Diamond Truss variations are possible. As shown the dome has 141 hub connectors and nine different lengths of struts.


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