Star Dome 2-B as a 13 ft 2 x 4 dome. Three lower upside down stars of the original dome are removed and a Vertical Base Option installed. This makes 3 large openings for a door an windows, and rectangle areas under the stars can be used for more windows.

Top, front, back and side profile views. The VBO is 2 ft in this example. Height of the VBO can be any practical height relative to dome diameter, from about 1 ft to 8 ft. On this example, the large opening is 55" wide x 80" tall.


 The B option of the Star Dome 2 accents the 6 stars. The A and C types can be used, as well as Star Centers.
See  also the 26 ft version of this dome.
A simpler version would be the rotated Garden Dome 1 design, which has the same basic symmetry as the Star Dome 2, see GD1 - VZ

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