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First I Have a Story

From last week when I found a perfect Camellia blossom from the big bush out in the front yard. It was fully open which is rare for us here and a beautiful orange and magenta color. I asked Ern [founder of] “how many petals do you think it has?” His first thought from the “top of my head” came quickly and he said “55”. My guess was 80 and that seemed quite possible too. Here’s a Camelia flower:

I started counting petals and removed each one carefully. We both were surprised at the last ten–45, 50, 51, 52………….53, 54, 55!! Amazingly that was the last one and Ern had guessed correct.
I knew that 5 was a seemingly divine number, so 55 seemed good one too.
Amazingly, Ern also turned 55 this year too [2015], he as born on 10-10-’59. We had an amazing experience in Egypt in the “King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid on 10-10-2010 but that is another story.

Did you know that 555 has an important place in our history too? The [George] Washington Monument is 555 ft. tall!
Here is a view from the observation level (top) where you can go taking the elevator up-

Go there if you get a chance. It’s a great view of the Mall, Capital and White House. We got there too late but with our good fortune angel’s help, the National Park attendent let us go up. The Cherry Blossom Festival is very nice too.

Another great Monument experience is the St. Louis Gateway Arch

  • We were fortunate to visit the WTC before it was destroyed forever. A lookout I will never forget. I made this page after “9-11” World Trade Center
  • If you are fortunate to visit Paris, France, several world famous views can be seen from: Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Galeries Lafayette and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

As Ern says, “I had just finished a milestone of my career having worked the last 13 years as an illustrator at Lockheed Martin Ft. Worth. When I started there, 25,000 workers built 3 or more F-16 Fighter jets a month on the mile long assembly line; only 5,000 workers remained when I was laid off. I had just been rewarded my dome connection patent system and we drove to N.Y. for a new client and dome job, and took a side trip to Manhattan.”

Thanks to Thaonstantin Petro

But back to the Star Dome 2 with C option and EZ orientation. I took the 3D model from previous work, then rotated it for Edge on top. For the ‘C’ option, a cross is now on top.

The original Star Dome 2-C:


Photo from customer-20 ft., 2×4 SD2C with Super Poly cover:

Renderings from the Edome
NEW EZ VERSION Note upright and upside down stars

It makes a great hemisphere dome with an easy placement of doors and windows

Father Magnus WenningerO,S.B. has devoted his life to his faith and math, making paper models, writing, study and exploring spherical math. He has been an inspiration to our work and designs. In fact he commissioned us to make a 3 ft. study model based on his “Order in Chaos” paper model. We did drawings and a local machinist cut out the 300 or so brass pieces, then bent them as needed at specific areas to make the sphere’s roundness. Results:

Here’s the Edome render from the 3D model

From a recent indoor display for an exhibit we supplied Aluminum connectors, fasteners and technical support for a 20 ft Star Dome 2-C.