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Star Dome 2

Star Dome 2 is a new exclusive dome design. It’s structure is based on dodecahedron geometry, with a tessellation or tiling of stars on the pentagon faces. There are six upright pentagrams (5-point stars) and three are upside-down, shortened to make a flat ground level, and with the bottom star point deleted.

First drawing shows the top, front, side and pictorial views of the connected stars:

Star Dome 2 is ideal for approximate sizes: 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 feet in diameter. This unusual dome is eye-catching with the familiar 5-point star design. It makes a tall dome with area below the hemisphere level. There are A, B, and C types with 3 divisions of the spaces between the stars. See TOP VIEWS.
Two newest designs remove the bottom upside down star to create entrance or window openings- see below.

Next image shows the Star Dome 2-C type. Proportions are for a 20 ft diameter, and made from 2 x 4 wood. As shown there are 255 struts. About 120 2 x 4 x 8 ft boards are required to make the 20 ft dome.

Drawings of the dome with surface shading

A 12 foot Star Dome 2-B under construction:

The completed dome covered with Super Poly:

New additions:

  • Star Dome 2-B with 4 ft. Vertical Base Option – 26 ft diameter
  • Star Dome 2-B + VBO – 13 ft:
  • Star Dome 2-B with inverted pyramids: