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Tetra Dome

This simple geodesic dome was developed for its low cost and ease of construction. This unique design is based on the geometry of the octahedron and tetrahedron.

This example: the top + geodesic bottom is largest size dome that can be constructed with 10 ft. lumber – Cube edges are 10 ft. Height at apex is approx. 14 ft from ground. This image shows the beginning placement of the first of 20 “X1” option (subdivision) struts and metal 4- way plates:

Baby Black Angus help mow the field

This is a simple and inexpensive dome, with a low number of elements and triangle faces. All triangle faces are identical. Our demonstration/prototype is a 13.5 foot diameter 1 x 2 wood dome shown below. It’s the largest practical size that can be made using standard 8 feet lengths (base struts -cube edges- are almost 8 ft).. The middle horizontal level of 8 struts/8 Connector Hubs are an additional optional feature. These allow for shelving to be installed, or a hemisphere point for a half-dome. Notice that the base struts form a square, and the dome offers lots of height for overhead space.
The “Tetra-Dome” is the top section, with the geodesic “Base Option” for more height and interior space. The “Vertical Base Option” is another possibility.


  • Across 6-way hubs at hemisphere level: 13′ – 6″ (Diameter = measurement is widest distance spanned at opposing vertices)
  • Across 4-way hubs at hemisphere level: 11′ – 3″
  • Ground to apex: 10′ – 7″
  • Base: 7′-6″ x 7′-6″ square


The basic frame is shown, before the poly covering is attached and the door installed. The Tetra-Dome geodesic design is exclusive to Worldflower Garden Domes and made possible by our patented connection system. You can build a paper model of this dome. here for the plans.

There are two Base Option types: the geodesic type as shown in the photo above, and the Vertical Base Option shown in the illustration below – best for incorporating a standard or custom made rectangle door.

Tetra-Dome with Vertical Base Option (VBO), -X1 subdivision struts and door retrofit. VBO is shown at 4 ft height, convenient for covering with 4′ x 8′ sheets to give rigidity and stability.

Wireframe Illustrations give a graphic explanation of how this dome was designed.

My Tetra-Dome greenhouse – structure pictured at top of this page is reconfigured.

The dome as five pyramids joined together:

Dome Options: Build the top section for a shorter dome with more floor area and only 13 connector hubs required. With the Vertical Base Option you can have maximum floor space, variable height, rectangles at the bottom for nailing on siding, placing off-the-shelf windows/vents and easier location for a standard door. Another alternative is orientation with strut at top instead of hub. This is the E.Z. = Edge Zenith which gives a shorter dome with a six sided base. Also compare with the even simpler  Hut, and Octa-Tetra-Cube Pyramid Truss.The Octa-Zome is a good alternative for simpler and easier, with less parts and easier door.

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