Tetra - Dome 3 HZ

The 3 frequency geodesic tetrahedron with hexagon zenith (HZ) orientation.
Six lower main triangles are vertical.
Second row of triangles are all equilateral and top is a large hexagonal cone.
The base perimeter is a perfect hexagon, illustrated here with a 3 ft Vertical Base Option (VBO).

Basic proportions as shown:

Radius = 9' - 9"
Diameter = 19' - 6"
Longest strut is 117"
Dome height is slightly more than radius
Door opening is standard size ~ 32" x 80"
Base Option is 36"

This size is ideal for adding a 3 ft Base Option and door, although a  taller Base Option such as 4 ft can be used with a smaller dome diameter and still fit the standard door. If 8 ft lumber is used, maximum achievable diameter is 17 ft.

The simplified version leaves the main triangles - all that is really required for a stable structure.

Build the paper model

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