Tetra Dome 3 HZ - X1

This is the 19 ft version. Distance across base corners is approximately 19 ft.
12 ten ft and 18 eight ft boards are used to make the Main Dome struts. Mid-level triangles  (blue) are 8 x 8 x 8 ft.; making efficient covering possible using 4 x 8 sheets cut strategically into right triangles.

Height is approx. 12'-4"

Height of the 6 vertical base triangles is approx. 80". Three are shown with 6 ft. extensions that can be used to add floor area, cover the doors or windows, and join domes together (make as short or long as needed).

With only 13 Connector Hubs needed, this is an excellent low cost dome, very strong and easy to build. Struts can be sawed and the dome assembled in one or two days. Quick connecting hardware can be used for a frame that can be assembled by one person in 30-40 minutes.  Once assembled it is really strong. With cover panels attached, and using X1 (right triangle subdivision) with FI (Face Intermediate) struts, extra structure and strength is added. The steep roof pitch will help shed rain and snow. It will make a nice cabin, emergency shelter, wilderness camp, etc.  A central dome can be used, with peripheral domes attached, used for the kitchen, bedroom, smokehouse, greenhouse, storage, garage, etc.

The 19 ft version of the Tetra 3 HZ. Made with only six 2 x 6 x 10 ft boards,  nine 2 x 4 x 8 ft boards, 13 Connector Hubs and hardware. The 2 x 6s were cut in half lengthwise to make "2 x 3" struts. It is surprisingly strong and rigid.

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Tetra - Dome 3 HZ - X1