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In the simplified form with only 13 Connector Hubs and 30 Struts:
18 'X1' Subdivision struts are added, making perpendicular bisectors in each triangle.
Notice that 6 lower X1 struts are vertical:
The rectangle entrance:
This is the 20 ft 2 x 6 version that uses 8, 10 and 12 ft lumber to construct. Bottom hexagon has 12 ft edges. The top hexagonal cone height is reduced about 6 inches to allow fitting cover panels. A 4 x 8 ft sheet cut across diagonally will make a right triangle that fits exactly on a top triangle. Blue boards represent the staggared FI struts used for support of cover panels: add more as needed.
A smaller version is 16 ft across bottom hexagon corners. It can be made with the less expensive 92-5/8" standard size lumber. Your lumber cost will be around $100 if built using the Connector Kit. FI boards are used to make rectangles and frame standard windows. Lower triangle height is 67 inches, so a standard size door will not fit.
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The Vertical Base Option and frame for standard size door:
Specifications for size reference:
Longest strut is 110"
R = 117"
Dia. = 19.5 ft
Ht. = 11' - 7"
Only 6 ten ft board required for making the upper triangles, remaining struts can be made from 8 ft boards.
There are 13 Connector Hubs, 19 with the Base Option. If only 8 ft lumber only is used, maximum achievable diameter is 17.5 ft.
A modification to make a rectangle opening, used for installing standard doors and windows and adding an extension, or joining domes together. For the 19.5 ft diameter dome, rectangle opening is approximately 8'w x 7'h.
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