Paper Model of the Tetra-Dome

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The Tetra-Dome is a tetrahedron with its 6 mid-edges and 4 face center points projected onto the surface of a sphere. To make the paper model 24 triangular bands are required, all identical.

Do this by printing 6 copies of page 2. For best results use thicker paper and different colors for the left and right bands (colors opposite each other).

Cut out the 24 bands with a sharp knife and crease them on a straight edge so that a triangle can be made. The Escher patterns should be on the inside of the triangle if you want them visible.

Note: Make sure you cut out a small glue tab on one end of each band, and glue it on the outside of the triangle band for best results.

When you have the 24 triangle bands glued, assemble them by following this procedure:

  1. Glue the short edges of opposite bands together in groups of four to make a pyramid. You will have left-right-left-right.
  2. Repeat for 6 similar pyramids of 4 bands each.
  3. Glue opposite long edges together and the Tetra-Dome model will begin to show its geodesic shape. You might leave off the bottom pyramid to show a closer depiction of the dome.
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 A quick 'n' easy Tetra-Dome model

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