Tetra-Dome Notes
  1.  An "X1" type has been developed that halves the main triangles with additional struts and are connected from hubs to struts. The strut - strut connection is with  metal connector plates or similar hardware. An option for all the domes sizes. Especially useful for providing extra structure to attach plastic films or other roofing materials.
  2. The domes with regular geodesic Base Option or Vertical Base Option - Will not have a hub at mid level strut-strut-strut connection. Instead the 4-way metal connector plates will be used.
  3. Ask us about a door configuration for your dome, cover options etc.
Configuration possibilities:
Tetra-Dome (top half)
Tetra-Dome + geodesic Base Option
Tetra-Dome + Vertical Base Option
Tetra-Dome X1(top half)
Tetra-Dome X1 + geodesic Base Option X1
Tetra-Dome X1 + Vertical Base Option
Tetra-Dome EZ
Tetra-Dome EZ + Vertical Base Option
Tetra-Dome EZ -X1
Tetra-Dome EZ -X1 + Vertical Base Option
Any of the above, joined in the Matrix patterns.
See Octahedral Domes - 2 frequency, Class II for profile views.
Wood domes can be 1 x 2 up to 2 x 6. The "X1" domes can be a combination such as 2 x 4 on main dome and 2 x 2 for the X1 struts. Diameter, practical sizes, about 7 ft to 18 ft.
Steel tube domes - thin wall galvanized tubes are used with 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-3/8" and 2" diameter tubes available.
Connector Kits for wood domes from $91 to $376
Price Chart