Tetra-Dome X1

Top section as a half dome; height 1/2 of diameter, 13 Connector Hubs, large floor area that closes in at a steep angle.
Next drawing shows the 14 ft diameter dome, top + geodesic Base, made from 2 x 4 wood struts. 20 -X1 struts are yellow-brown colored.. Such a 2 x 4 dome will be a very solid, rigid, strong and functional. It will be an excellent workshop, greenhouse, playhouse for the kids, etc. For covering with greenhouse films such as our woven Super Poly, the X1 configuration is best for dividing up the large triangles and best support for the covering under wind, rain, ice and snow. On the ~12-14 ft dome, mid-level horizontal struts (8) are at a convenient height for incorporating shelving.
You can build a paper model of this dome. Click here for the plans.

Tetra - Dome X1 + Vertical Base Option and door rough-in frame

Tetra-Dome X1 sphere with "edge zenith" orientation.
Made from 1 x 2 inch lumber and basic diameter 8 feet.
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 Here it is rotated for viewing six edges at mid level, with an edge (strut) at the apex instead of hub. This presents an optional dome configuration (Edge Zenith = EZ) with a "half dome" or top half with a six sided hexagon base. X1 strut connections at 90 degrees are made with hubs to accommodate the 1 x 2 wood, but can be hubs or Simpson Strong Tie (brand) 4-way metal connector plates on 2 x 2/3/4 domes.
The basic "half dome" or Tetra-Dome and Tetra-Dome X1 with a hexagon base may be raised with vertical struts attached to base hubs, with cross bracing for triangulating strength, adding functionality and useable space, and possibility of a convenient rectangle door. See Tetra-Dome E.Z.