TR-Cube-Octa Dome



Designed from the truncated cube-octahedron, this is a wonderful dome with extra height for a tall dome with maximum interior space.
Hexagon areas on bottom are shortened to give a flat ground level.
Proportions for size reference:
Diameter is 20' - 4"
Height is 15'- 5"
Diameter at floor is 17' - 4"
From half way point (mid-level) to ground is 5'- 4"
As shown above without door:
Longest strut is 72", shortest is 38"
Connector Hubs: qty 57
Struts: qty 152
With modifications for front and rear door: Door is 36" x 82"

More illustrations

The shortened version with flat sides; design concept for a 28 ft dome:

More illustrations rendered by Turbocad Pro

The "Truncated Cube-Octahedron": as a semiregular solid:

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