Truncated Dodeca Dome

A new unique design, the dodecahedron is sliced off (truncated) at vertices, then further divided and projected to make decagon triangles.
A vertical riser wall "Base Option" is added to provide height and convenient placement for a standard size door.

Top view shows the 10 sided polygon called a decagon..

Next to the entrance are columns made from the truncated dodecahedron solids.

The Decagrams are added and a Base Perimeter closer to the hemisphere point.  More >>

The 23 ft. diameter TR-D with a 25" Vertical Base Option and 2 door designs. Total height is 15' - 7".
There are only two basic triangle sizes, with modification at bottom that provides a rectangle area ideal for windows.
Parts are removed to add extensions for door openings. Extensions can be short or long as needed.  Opening for front door is 36" x 80".

Visit the image album >>
Visit the information sample pdf of the 36ft 2 x 6 dome plans

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