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12 Ft Geo-Sphere

In March 2003 the 12 ft 4 frequency icosahedral Geo-Sphere was assembled on-site in West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Fabricated from aluminum stock, with stainless steel and aluminum fasteners. Inner and outer connector plates join the 1-1/2″ square hollow tubes to make a super strong sphere, open frame designed to endure hurricane strength winds. Finish coating is a white polyester powder coat. The Geo-Sphere abstractly represents a golf ball and is mounted on an 8 ft tall concrete tee that is reinforced by a large internal steel pipe. The “Art in Public Places” sculpture is secured to a large steel reinforced underground concrete block.

Designed with CAD programs, measurements and geometry calculated on the computer. A preliminary 3D rendering study:

A preliminary proposal was presented in the form of a 3 ft model. Here it is shown in hemi-sphere form as a dome:

I pre-assembled the lower half with only the outer plates.Then I weighed it down for a strength test, 350 lb. – approximately equal to weight of the complete top half.

In this view you can see the 5 stainless steel reinforcing ribs that begin at bottom and go up 4 chords along the great circle. They are bent at the geodesic angles and drilled for 3/8″ bolts, holes matched to the connector plates.

Outer plates are attached with 1/4″ truss head screws, flat washers and self locking nuts with nylon inserts. Yellow straps help keep the assembly in round shape during assembly.

With bottom built up as high as possible working on the ground, top section is lowered into position for mating.

Size reference: the 6 ft ladder and the 14 ft ladder