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Custom made Art / Exhibit Booths

Made with a square footprint, for maximum usage of typical exhibit space with 10′ x 10′ floor area.For illustrative purposes it is shown made with 2″ diameter tubes. In practice, these might be 3/4″ for lower vertical columns and 1/2″” for upper areas. Door height is 84″ and apex height is 9′ – 4″. This is a good simple “square dome” design with good rigidity. Some cross-bracing on two or three sides can make it more stabilized.

Including bottom 10 ft. struts, only 5 different strut lengths are used. These are bolted together with carriage bolts with wing nuts or regular hex nuts with washers and lockwashers. Assembly best done with an assistant but can be a one-person operation, quickly after a little experience.

Here the same design is shown with cros- brace stabilizer struts and a 3 ft wide door.

The structure can have a quickly installed/removed tarp cover for portability, made from various materials including our Super Poly and SYNTHETIC FIRE RESISTANT canvas. Also use our Super Poly or polycarbonate greenhouse glazing for horticulture use.
Optional: Aluminum framework using round tube struts and connector plates. See Aluminum Domes

A 10 x 10 ft. footprint with an octagram design and short octagraml dome on the top.

The back square may have the same octagram design and is not shown for clarity.
As shown the top point would be 13 ft – 8 inches high. Sides and bottom are square producing a higher apex.
You can customize your structure with many designs and we can build it for you.

Display – Art – Exhibit Booths

These new designs are based on a square footprint of typical exhibit spaces of 10 x 10 feet. By adding triangles to a basic box structure, strength and rigidity is established and a structure far superior to flimsy canopy covers.
We often see thousands of dollars of merchandise and art and craft work housed under a basic covering that hardly offers any protection. In places like Texas you need to be prepared for wind gusts, hail, thunderstorms and even tornados. While even large cement structures are damaged by ravishing weather, these new lightweight portable canopy shelters offer increased strength and resistance to wind.

Working with geodesic principles, triangles, trusses, domes and ornamental patterns are added to the basic framework.

You can choose from these designs and even create your own and we will build it and work with you from your design ideas.

After practice any of these art booth shelter domes can be quickly assembled. Assembly is bolt together construction with carriage bolts, washers and wing-nuts.
These structures can be permanent buildings. They will make terrific arbors, gazebos, greenhouses and can be covered with various horticultural coverings, shade cloth, wire mesh, canvas and poly tarp.

Shows cube that is the underlying framework of the structure.

Coverings –

Translucent white woven poly, synthetic canvas, clear woven poly (our greenhouse covering), etc. can be used for the covering. We can make the covering to your requirements and it will be a durable, functional
covering to match the structure’s design and fit well.
The cover can be sewed together into one piece with zippered doors and windows, with grommets for lacing to the structure if desired.

The flat octagram [or other design] can be added to one, two, or three sides,
leaving one side open for an entrance.
Here are top, 2 side views, and a wireframe see-thru:

Art booth exhibit domes are made from galvanized steel conduit (see Geo-Sphere). The standard dome has machined areas ground smooth and bare metal areas coated with zinc anti-corrosion paint. They will
last many years and stay rust resistant. All attaching hardware is galvanized steel for best durability. We can also make in wood with our Construction Connectors using the hub-strut method. This would be best for something permanently situated lower cost (use the Connector Kit), and for adding on roof panels or Super Poly; but with the quick connecting feature can be more suitable for a portable dome. See also: Tetra Hut

They are not limited to a 10 x 10 ft floor area- might be 8′ x 8′, 12′ x 12′ or 15′ x 15′

Phone or email us for a price quote or any questions you may have.

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