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Cordwood Perimeter Wall for the 25 ft diameter Garden Dome 2-X1

Photos are by Kim Hathaway, Frank Vando and Rachel Harris. Used with permission.
Notes from the builders:
Site location: Land near reserve (5 miles off, in old land claim area, by Brasher Forest), of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, in Akwesasne (Next to Massena, NY), by Brasher Falls.
Land owned by Kim Hathaway, Mohawk Indian of Akwesasne (St. Regis Mohawk Band of Indians), Bear Clan.
Under a new project called “Garden of Life”, which is based on self sufficiency, gardening, wind-solar power and other alternative methods of building, growing foods and living endeavors.
Dome base and structure built by Mohawks of Akwesasne.

Jamie Davis, Mohawk (Kahnienkehaka) Bear Clan
Kim Hathaway, Mohawk (Kahnienkehaka), Bear Clan
Thomas Hathaway, Mohawk (Kahnienkehaka), Bear Clan
with further collaboration of:
Alec Vando-Taino, Frank Vando-Taino, Rachel Harris-US, Deanna Swamp-(Kahnienkehaka), Mohawk; Howard Lyons-Mohawk; Neddie Thompson-(Kahnienkehaka), Mohawk-Bear Clan
Idea for base on cordwood construction, with caps of plywood for drip-edge, F. Vando.
Base inside dome, filled with 4 inches of clean sand. Cordwood mix: Sand, wood chips, portland cement. All dome strut members painted with exterior white paint and elastomeric paint mix. Wood cut basically with miter saw. All dome hub connectors and hardware by; “Garden Domes”.
Future plans: Enclosure; 12 mil plastic sheathing (horticultural woven poly), Plastic panels (cell 8 mm glazing sheets) for cupola, 1/8″ plywood and insulation
Use of a wind turbine (to be supplied at a later date) for basic electric need of the Greenhouse. Wood burning stove.
Other details to be supplied at a later date.

Update: Dome is being covered with Super Poly (woven film) and polycarbonate glazing on the cupola. More photos>>

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