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The dome is closely related to the Star Dome 2 but is much simpler. The harmonious symmetry patterns are icosahedral great circles. One size of right triangle is arrayed strategically about the spherical surface. This makes dome covering easier if using standard rectangle sheets of roofing or greenhouse glazing materials – you have only one size of triangle panel to make.

The base perimeter has 12 sides, and only 3 different lengths of struts required. In fact if the longest strut (brown) was 8 feet long, you would have a dome with a diameter of nearly 26 ft, and 13 ft tall.

If you made triangles panels for the Dodeca – Dome from 4 ft x 8 ft sheets, using maximum size triangles possible, the dome diameter would be about 21 ft, 4 inches. 30 sheets would be needed to cover the 60 dome triangles.

4 x 8 sheet and triangle panels for 21′ – 4″ dome:

Illustration shows proportions for a 30 ft 2 x 4 dome:

We challenge you to assemble the Dodeca-Dome model as a tool for visualization and observation.

Print 2 copies of the enlarged section here

To make the dome model, cut out around perimeter edges, then using a straight edge, press a slight bend on interior lines. Tape the seams together on the inside.

Triangle band model depicts the many separate elements and round shape of the dome. You can also see the hemisphere level. Notice that 10 struts meet inside each pentagon. Our special Construction Connector System make this possible on full scale wood, aluminum and steel domes.

Photo is inside the Garden Dome 2 Demo Dome covered with Super Poly horticultural greenhouse film.

The Dodeca-Dome (half sphere) has 7 10-way hubs, 12 6-way hubs, and 17 4-way hubs for a total of 36 hubs and 93 struts. Compare with the Garden Dome 3 (3/8 dome) with its 46 hubs and 120 struts.

Since the dodecahedron is the dual of the icosahedron, the design also shows the fully divided and rounded icosahedron. Focus on triangles instead of pentagons and you will see this. It is similar to the Icosa-Dome X3 type.

Compare with the Star Dome 2 model
Check out the Dodeca Stars and the Icosa – Dodeca Dome

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