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Dodeca Max

The ‘front’ and ‘back’ pentagon pyramids have been shortened to make two triangles vertical. 18 inches is left over from the 4 x 8 ft sheets and this was added to the base perimeter as a riser wall. Height is added and more room in the dome. 2 more 4 x 8 sheets will be needed to compete the riser wall, making a total of 32. If all the triangles were similarly shortened, only 30 sheets are needed, and a 36 inch riser wall could be made.

With all the triangles shortened as mentioned above, a zome structure is created, same as the EZ ZOME, the main difference being size and building parameters; in this case a larger size, simplicity and efficient covering is the goal.

This dome could be a super-reinforced 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 wood structure made with plastic or metal Connector Hubs, with the cover panels attached with an air nailer/stapler, or power screw gun. Based on the 30-32 4 x 8 ft sheets required, cost of cover materials can be calculated, about $500 for plywood, $2,200 for 6mm twin wall polycarbonate greenhouse glazing, etc. Other options are the steel conduit, steel stud panels, or aluminum structure etc. Next page shows this EZ MAX ZOME with a cupola and loft.