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Dodeca Max

The Garden Dome 1 E.Z. (Edge Zenith) with triangles made from cutting a 4 x 8 sheet in half diagonally; makes a dodecahedron dome with maximum use of the standard 4 x 8 ft sheets for covering purposes.This is the Dodeca-Max.

Total height: 12′-6″
Front to back, left to right: 20′-11″
Across widest points at ground level: 29′-5″
Floor area: 446 square ft.

The 4 x 8 sheet cut in half and resulting triangles with dimensions 107 x 107 x 96 inches:

Two right triangles are joined together to make a dome triangle. 30 sheets of 4 x 8 ft material will cover this structure.

The structure is also similar to the Dodeca-Dome and the Dodecacron Dome. A variation makes the front/back triangles smaller to make vertical surfaces for adding an entrance or extension – Part 2