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Add a Cupola to your dome

A top extension can add to both form and function to the dome.

There are two types of cupola designs:

  • Type 1 – extension made with vertical boards attached to the dome
  • Type 2 – extended Connector Hubs support the cupola
  • Type 3 – combination of Type 1 and 2, providing extra strength and stability

Option 1: either type can be made any practical height, relative to dome diameter.
Option 2: make with or without the extra Connector Hubs around the cupola perimeter
Option 3: make with or without the -X1 struts (where applicable)
Advanage 1: Add rectangle windows for all important ventilation.
Advantage 2: Make the cupola roof angle steeper to help shed rain and snow.

The cupola can be used with domes that have a definite top frame, whether a pentagon, hexagon, square, etc. It would not work as well on the Octa-Dome, Tetra-Dome, or Star Dome 2.

Example 1 illustrates a 2 foot high cupola attached to the top pentagon of a 22 foot 2 x 4 Garden Dome 3-X1:

The Cupola has a complete pentagon frame, same as on the dome but larger, made with 5 additional Connector Hubs:

A simpler approach uses only the original apex hub for a central connector. Boards are added and bolted together without the hub connectors, (using deck screws, metal plates, etc.), leaving out the pentagon perimeter struts.

The Cupola can be reinforced to make it very sturdy and stable. Here it is shown with the 5 -X1 struts, and 5 additional intermediate vertical riser struts:

More detailed drawings on how to construct the simple Cupola are included in our Connector Kits and Frame Kits.
Extra Connector Hubs with instructions and hardware can be purchased separately to construct the Cupola for a particlar dome.

The simple cupola design on top of the 20 ft Star Dome 1:

Square cupola on the RCO-S-X1 dome is shown with doubled up vertical boards sandwiching the dome struts.

More cupola illustrations: See Garden Dome 1 and Icosa – Dodeca Dome