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Dome Home Floor Plan

The design is adapted from a stock floor plan design from Natural Habitat Domes, the 45 ft diameter dome on a 2 ft riser wall.

A tracing layer can be inserted into Floorplan for copying from a sketch or .dxf file. Walls can also be drawn by keying in lengths and angles. It’s “simple” to insert the door, windows, and furniture etc. using Floorplan. It is automatically created in 3D. See

After drawing the perimeter and installing interior walls, then door, windows, fixtures, appliances and furniture, I inserted a 3 frequency dome model from the Dome 4.6 program, only to discover my perimeter is not exactly proportional or symmetrical (first 4 images). So I hastily moved some walls and fixtures around to closer match the dome. I added a new riser wall and extension/vertical wall areas, and partially transparent/textured dome cover. This is my first effort drawing a dome with a floor plan layout. It is not an exact representation to scale, but does provide a graphic visual of the floor plan in 3D. New perspective renderings give a more realistic view from inside the dome. Some are before and after the dome shell (roof) modifications. The problem with using a program made for conventional architecture, is working with unusual angles and how the dome walls meet the dome ceiling. To simplify the task, I just deleted some walls that interfered with the dome.

There is an upstairs loft over the kitchen and bathroom area, outlined by the balustrade and short wall. Bedrooms are open to the dome ceiling. An optional design extends the loft or second floor over the bedrooms. Loft walls are shown short here for better viewing. This design gives very large open space in the dining/family room and bedrooms.

The walls are cut short for clarity and do not reach up to the dome ceiling. Also a large gap is visible where the second floor (loft) framing would be. It is absent for viewing of the kitchen and bathroom etc.

Additional illustrations: