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Dome Models

Paper dome models you can make to demonstrate the unique characteristics of geodesic domes

Some notes about the dome models. There are two types of paper dome models linked here. The first type is made with triangle bands. These take more time and care to do right, but results are very nice. Requires gluing and some patience. I’ve put Escher patterns on the two of this type, the Octa-Dome and Tetra-Dome. Second type of dome model is the surface plane or faceted model.

Model plans for the other domes are all the second type.

Click on the dome image to go to page with model plans

Icosa Dome

Garden Dome 1

Star Dome 2-C

G.D. 3 + Base Option, -X1


Tetra Dome

Garden Dome 2

Octa Dome 4

G.D. 3 Edge Zenith

Tetra 3 – HZ

Octa Dome

Garden Dome 3 + Base Option


G.D. 4 Short Version

Dodeca Dome

Star Dome 1-A



The layout plan for making the Icosa – Dodeca Dome model. >>Click for instructions and details