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Dome -X Files

These dome model 1/5 sections are more accurate representations of the “-X2” and “-X3” subdivisions of the Garden Dome 3. Please refer to the Garden Dome 3 model plans for details on making the paper models.

“X2” struts- divides the face planes of the dome into 3 triangles, using a central hub in each. If you can visualize 3 dimensionally, you can see the possibilities of a dome covered with diamonds; or pyramids, depending on how you look at it. Compare with Casa Manana and Epcot.
On a more simple dome, the X2 struts simply add triangles for increased structure for a stronger dome and more struts for attaching roofing.
For a greenhouse this means you can have a large dome that’s easier to cover- triangles large enough to let plenty of light in but small enough for convenient covering.
For covering with roof decking this means more substructure for nailing on panels, without having to deal with lots of miters and bevels and different board lengths.

“X3” struts- divides the dome triangles into 6 right angle triangles. It’s easier to cover a dome with right triangles since you are working with rectangle sheets such as 4 ft x 8 ft. You can see with this dome by making the inner triangle hubs at a smaller or larger radius, a pyramid truss can be acheived that give an interconnected double 3D grid – “space frame.” Here are two drawings showing a similar flat framework: Tetra Array 1 | Tetra Array 2

In Netscape you can right click on the image and View Image in a new window to print only the image.
With Internet Explorer you can right click, save the image, then open in a graphic program such as Corel or Photoshop to view and print. For best results use a photocopier (or printer) to copy 5 times with thick, colored paper. You may use for non commercial purposes as an educational demonstration for domes that can be built large scale using the products we sell.

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