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Ez Max Zome

The Dodeca-Max made into the EZ Zome, becomes the EZ MAX ZOME With 3 ft riser wall and 3 ft cupola added.
A loft area is shown 8 ft from floor level and connected at the struts shown in yellow.
The cupola is enlarged to make an over hang, and matches the large top parallelogram – 13 ft at long axis.
With distance of loft to top of original dome only 4 ft, the cupola adds height and room to walk around.

View of the bottom floor and loft area, divided by square feet. You are welcome to use to make  floor plans for wall and furniture/appliance placement.

Final image is a top “bird’s eye” profile view showing the loft area in green and bottom floor area in yellow.

The EZ MAX ZOME is made into a garage by adding a horizontal extension. Latest design studies illustrate the garage concept, some dome clustering views, and twin domes connected by the horizontal extension –

Garage | Clusters | Twins