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36″ VBO (Vertical Base Option) is covered from rectangles that are left over from cutting roof deck triangles.
Large Zome triangles are subdivided with -X1 perpendicular bisectors that make right triangles for simplified covering.
FI (Face Intermediate) boards approximately every 18 inches add extra support to the cover panels.

Side vertical areas are large enough to fit a standard size door 32″ x 80″.
Cupola extends up to make a 20 inch tall opening and gives an 8 inch over-hang in this example.

The “MAX” Zome size is designed for efficient use of cover panels made from 4 x 8 sheets. Front to back and left to right edges are 20 ft 11-5/26 inches.

Garage door Extension is integrated into the Zome with conventional framing techniques. A minimal number of compound miter cuts are required. In this example the Extension comes out 4 ft. from the VBO. Only 33 Connector Hubs are required including 5 for the cupola.

The Extensions can be placed in any or all of the front/back and left/right vertical sides to add doors, windows, floor space and for joining Zomes together. For instance add 2 longer Garage Extensions to acomodate an RV, bus, truck with trailer, etc.