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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Amazing and surprizing strength and stability, efficient use of materials, natural roundnes is healthy, ability to do-it-yourself are some of the many positive characteristics.

This depends on your needs, size and final purpose, budget and ability; do it yourself of pay someone to build your dome, etc. Please contact us for further help.

It is a simple bolt through connection and varies by dome type and size and wood size size such as 2x4 and 2x6, and other factors. Additional details are included in the instruction book for your dome Kit.

Our innovative connectors are universal [per dome type] and mass produced; also simple which means easy and saves time and money.

Half the dome diameter and also the height of hemi-sphere domes.

The spanning member between vertices; connector hubs and wood struts in the case of most of our domes. Steel tube domes do not have hubs/vertices as the flattened tube ends make the connection and the remainder is the strut.

A little mechanical or construction experience is helpful but not a requirement. The main thing is motivation and desire to learn and accomplish something new. Strength training is good and it always helps to keep physically fit.

Wood+connectors+hardware and instructions; in other words a complete dome kit packaged on a pallet and in boxes.

Perpendicular bisector struts in each original triangle that adds strength and reinforcement; helps support the covering under wind or snow weight. This adds hardware and hub modifications and qty. of struts.

Either a vertical, variable height riser, made with hubs, hardware and vertical struts, or an extra row of triangles made using additional hubs, struts, and fasteners. Often used to add height for a standard size door.

Please contact us for other questions.