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Something everyone should know about mail-order greenhouses

This story is based on an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Friday, August 14, 1998 by Eileen White Reed titled
“Greenhouse Kits: Don’t Try This At Home”

No stroll in the Garden.

There should be a warning for anyone purchasing a greenhouse kit that they will be putting together themselves. There is possibly much more time and money involved than can be realized initially. Several greenhouse kits [other manufacturers] were too difficult to assemble and professionals had to be hired. Foundations, electricity, plumbing, permits etc. can add several hundred dollars and much grief to your greenhouse dream if you do not plan accordingly.

It was noted that many people purchase a greenhouse based on spontaneous emotional -glamour- romance reasoning and manufacturers know this and take advantage of this fact. They will not volunteer information you should consider when building a greenhouse. Even persons who do their research and planning have found out that much more is involved than they realized.

Things like heating, ventilation, humidity, cooling, shade etc. must be taken into consideration. We have several useful references on the “Solar Power your Garden Dome” page.

If you are purchasing a dome from us for horticulture use we will try to help with any problems or questions. Putting one of our domes together is basically simple, but can be logistically complicated for larger domes, considering all the parts involved. Even so it is a matter of simple repetition over several places. If you follow the directions and diagrams and illustrations you will have no problem. Your feedback is important to us on how your dome went up and if all the instructions were adequate.

It should be noted that we sell low cost dome frames and connector hubs. Domes can be used “as is” or further developed into a variety of functional and useful architectural structures in addition to greenhouses. You will likely need professional aid and legal permission for building permanent structures of any type in most areas. This is for your own safety and the safety of others. We welcome such development of our domes into cabins, beach houses, commercial property and environmental friendly energy efficient homes. Our development/design/consulting team can help you to acheive your goals.