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Dome Gallery 2

Star Dome 1

The first Star Dome we built

Star Dome 1

Christmas lights on the Star Dome

Garden Dome 2

Garden Dome 2 with the Base Option and Super Poly installed, 15 ft. model

Garden Dome 3

Interior view of Garden Dome 3, 20 ft. model frame and Julie’ climbing.

Star Dome 1-B

The Star Dome 1-B, a special 11 ft. diameter model with an extra level added ...

Star Dome 2- B

Ernie and the 12 ft. Star Dome 2-B

Garden Dome 2 Construction

Garden Dome 2 under construction

Garden Dome 3 Weight Test

Stress Test #1 – 725 lbs. of brick applied to Garden Dome 3

Biosphere 2

Truss structure of Biosphere 2


Close up of the Disney world Epcot Center dome

Earth Day

Earth Day 1995(?) dome on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

Garden Dome 2

Finished dome of Photo 7

Kitt Peak

Kitt Peak National Observatory


Link – Cinesphere


Link – HET

Octa Gazebo Dome

Ontario’s Cinesphere “triodetic” dome


The truss structure of the HET – joined pyramids


Close up, frame of 2 X 4 Octa Gazebo Dome


Climatron, St. Louis Botanical Gardens, view from inside


Climatron exterior close-up

Weight Test #2

Climatron interior close-up

More Climatron Photos

Climatron with fountains at a distance

Etha’s greenhouse

Etha’s greenhouse

Eric’s treehouse

Eric’s treehouse

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