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Build a roofed Garden Dome 2-X1, for under $900

GD2-X1, 17 ft - 9 in. diameter

Parts list

1. GD2-X1 Connector Kit for 2 x 4, $351 + $45 UPS = $396

2. Boards, Main Dome struts, 33, 2 x 4 x 10 ft @ ~ $4.75 ea. = $156.75

3. Boards, X1 Subdivision struts,

    15, 2 x 4 x 8 ft @ ~$2.75 ea. =  $41.25

    10, 2 x 4 x 92-5/8″ @ ~$2.25 ea. = $22.50

4. Wood preservative sealant for struts, 2 gallons @ ~ $15 gal.
= $30

5. Roof panels made from 4 x 8 ft sheets:

    Qty 20 7/16″ OSB @ ~$9.80 ea. = $196

6. Nails/screws for OSB installation, ~$20


TOTAL = $862.50     ( Prices subject to change)

Height of the Main Dome small triangles (qty. 30) are 48″ so that a whole triangle can be cut from a 4′ x 8′ sheet.Remaining triangles are 90° X1 right triangles. Left over rectangles can be reused for other projects.

2 x 4 Garden Dome 2-X1

From the Connector Kit instructions:

Tools you will need:
Ratchet, 3/8″ drive with 1/2″ hex socket (Sears Craftsman type with easy left/right switch recommended)
Hand drill, 1/8″ drill bit (with countersink or stop collar – optional).
Tape measure
Circular saw, table saw, radial arm saw, compound miter saw or other power saw for cutting accurate angles.

Optional: air powered ratchet with socket
An assistant will come in handy. 5 Extra 8 ft.boards or poles to support the dome as it is going together is helpful.
Garden Sprayer for applying a wood preservative.
1/2″ Hex ratchetting wrench such as Sear’s Craftsman type with angled offset

Shopping List
Lumber – see Strut Specifications chart and Wood Cutting diagrams for your dome size. Get about 5 extra boards for support bracing during assembly that also may be used in case any boards crack or warp after exposure and drying.
Air nailer for roof panels
Paint or wood preservative
Saw blade
Extension cord
Tape measure
Ratchet, 1/2″ socket
Air ratchet
Ratchetting wrench
Angle finder (protractor)
Level (for door retrofit)
Ladder – 8 ft
Phillips drill bit for power drill for roof panels.
Safety glasses
Hearing protectors.
Rubber gloves
Paint brushes
Band-aids (first aid kit)
Tweezers (to get those little splinters out)
DMSO (after you get those little splinters out)

For larger domes that require additional understructure for roof support, add the Face Intermediate (FI) boards, or -X2/3 Subdivision. The maximum size for the GD2 using standard 8 ft lumber is 26 ft. Larger sizes will required 10 ft lumber.Face Intermediate boards on the GD2-X1: