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Garden Dome 2 -X1

The first subdivision of Garden Dome 2

Another exclusive dome design made possible by our patented construction connector system. Each triangle of the original Garden Dome 2 is halved. 40 dividing struts are added that provide additional reinforcement for the dome. 90 degree strut-strut-strut connections made with metal 4-way connector plates and/or long bolts going through the main dome struts into the -X1 strut ends for secure fastening.

Drawing shows a 20 ft GD2-X1 made from 2 x 4s
Ideal for 2 x 2 domes about 10 to 18 ft in diameter, or 2 x 4 domes about 15 to 30 ft.

This size dome might be ideal for a greenhouse, animal house, garage, gazebo top, classroom geometry lesson, woodwork shop project, emergency shelter. The design is easily adapted to a Vertical Base Option (riser wall) or the Base Option (geodesic triangles) which will add height and useable space.

Illustrations of the 25 ft GD2-X1