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Garden Dome 4 – X1

The 4 frequency icosahedral geodesic is illustrated in the shortened version.

First group of illustrations depict the dome mounted on a 2 ft riser wall as an example of lifting up the dome for added interior space. It is also a design for making interior partitions for gardening. Raised beds can be insulated without excavating below grade. Five sections represent spaces for growing conditions for specific plant types. Click on images to go to a larger view. Full scale images (larger) with higher resolution are included in the Garden Domes Screensaver CD. They are reduced in size here for quicker downloading.

The 3rd and 4th illustrations show the dome without the X1 struts, while the 5th shows a solid covering, with struts exposed only for illustration purposes.

This is the 30 ft diameter X1 dome, sized for efficient use of triangle cover panels made from 6 ft wide triple wall polycarbonate glazing. The X1 (subdividing right triangle) struts provide support for glazing panels on the large triangles. Some of the X1 struts toward the bottom are offset (staggered) due to the altered geometry that gives the short version a flat level ground perimeter.

The entrance is sized for a standard door without the riser wall. In the application with riser wall, the door area can be lowered; see bottom five illustrations.

The cupola is the reinforced design with a steeper roof pitch and overhang to shed rain. Use standard or custom windows in the rectangle cupola openings to provide ventilation. Alternately use triangle windows as shown in the mid-level of the dome. Five additional can be used toward the top with or without the cupola.

Also notice the round groove in the riser wall. This is a gutter design for rainwater catchment. Route rain away from the dome or to the inside where it can be stored for future use. The large surface area – 1300 square feet (120 sq. m.) will collect lots of rain that can be recycled.