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Garden Dome 6

This six frequency division of the icosahedron makes a tremendous one-half sphere.Ideal for large domes, 30- 70 foot diameter range.
As shown the dome has 555 struts and 196 Connector Hubs.

This 38 ft dome can be built using 278 boards – 2″ x 4″ x 8′.
Struts are 3-4 ft length.

A bigger picture from the Garden Domes Screensavers CD
(reduced in size and titles added)

Garden Dome 6 – the 6 frequency icosahedral dome as the short version.
One row of triangles removed from the hemisphere dome, with alterations to make the ground perimeter level and flat.
Profile elevation views and pictorial scenes with wide angle perspective.
It has 166 hubs and 465 struts vs. 196 hubs and 555 struts on the hemisphere dome.
Height is 82% of radius, 15 ft 8 in. on the 38 ft diameter / 19 ft radius 2 x 4 dome illustrated below.
Ground perimeter has 30 struts. Floor area is about 1,125 sq. ft on the 38 ft dome, not including a second level.

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