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Garden Dome Homes

Wood frames are the superstructrure for developing the dome into a home. We begin with site plans and architectural drawings- floor plans and constrution details. Foundations are built and the dome frame is constructed and anchored. Roof, plumbing, electrical, fixtures etc. are installed according to the construction plans.

Owner-builders can construct their own Garden Dome Home with the help of an architect to finalize plans and save a lot of money by sub-contracting local professionals for grading, foundation, electrical, plumbing, roof, interior wall framing, heating-air-conditioning systems, etc.

If you are there to supervise workers you can insure that they do a quality job and you get what you pay for. You can have a higher quality home that costs less than conventional homes. By beginning with our steel dome connectors (Connector Kit) or constructing with the dome frame (Frame Kit = connectors + precut wood), you can build your spacious, user-friendly ergonomic Garden Dome Home.

Adding a stucco roof to the Star Dome 2:

Please phone /email to discuss your dome home plans.

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