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30 ft. diameter Garden Dome 2-X1

The 30 ft. diameter Garden Dome 2-X1 with cupola, extension for a double door, dome skylights and window cover extensions.
Notice the small cupola is not as large as the top pentagon.
The door extension is a special modification for fitting a sliding glass door. More could be used for doors or larger windows in any lower pentagon area.. Door extension is shown 4 ft away from the dome base perimeter. This is variable by the builder. Make larger or longer to increase floor area. The door can be placed any where along the extension, right at the dome base, middle or outside. Inner and outer doors can be used. Windows can be added to the door extension sides or next to a smaller door.

Another modification is at the lower 4 windows where an overhang provides shelter and shade. Here the pentagon point is pushed out to to make the lower triangle vertical. This changes the geodesic geometry only slightly but provides a vertical triangle for adding a standard or custom window.
Window extension covering also has variable parameters. It can be extended further out to make a mini shelter, for example to cover fire wood or lawn furniture. Also it could be made into a greenhouse area, open to the dome interior – close in the outside of the extension and add greenhouse glazing or film, and windows.

8 and 10 ft lumber is needed to make the dome this size. The large triangles are about 9 x 9 x 9 ft. There is room for a floor plan, a loft and platform for viewing out the cupola windows. Click on the smaller images to go to a larger view.

Click on thumbnail of image for larger view